What do our Paint Protection Film packages include?

Every one of our paint protection packages whether it be partial front, full front or full body film includes the following items.  Please see the pricing legend for more details. Due to the unique nature of this product and the wide variety of possible vehicle conditions, pricing is subject to a vehicle inspection.

Full Safe Wash

Full safe wash including citrus pre-wash, snow foam, ph neutral shampoo and non-acidic wheel cleaner.

3 Stage Decontamination

3 stage chemical decontamination process including fallout removers, tar removal and clay bar.

Paint Enhancement

Paint enhancement to remove up to 90% light defects prior to application of ceramic coating.

Application of Paint Protection Film

Typically we provide and install film to partial front, full front or the entire car body.

Partial Front  Film

This package will protect the vital areas covering the bumper, front sections of the front wings and bonnet.

Full Front  Film

This package includes the coverage of the completed front end of your vehicle including front bumper, front wings, complete bonnet, wing mirrors and windscreen surround (if applicable)

Full Body Film

This is our most comprehensive package protecting your whole vehicle. A very popular service for clients wanting ultimate piece of mind.

Paint Protection Film is ideal for protecting high value vehicles or vehicles with unique or limited edition paint finishes

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an almost invisible urethane film which is applied to painted surfaces in order to protect it against stone chips, scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings and bug splatter.

The film lasts for up to 10 years and has great features such as self healing properties enabling any light marks or scratches to disappear when heat is applied to the effected area.

Installations are produced from pre-cut patterns, which have been created specifically for each vehicle model containing nearly 90,000 patterns.

Superb service and attention to detail by Chris, no more worries about stone chips and scratches now the front paint protection film has been applied! I’m bringing my other cars here because the quality is exceptional, I highly recommend Chris and Pure Diamond Detailing.
Peter Brown

Find out if Paint Protection Film is suitable for your car

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