Maximise the life of your Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film

Your car has had its paint corrected and a paint protection layer applied. Although it is durable, it can be damaged by poor washing technique or products. I can maintain the investment you made in your car’s paint protection by providing maintenance washes and detailing.

By using correct technique and products which wont damage the paint protection I will keep your car looking at its best for as long as possible.

Clean Wheels

Citrus Pre-Wash

Snow Foam

2 Bucket Safe Wash

man drying a car with an air blower

Air Blown Dry

Interior Detail

silver metal container of 'can coat pro' sitting on shiny black car panel.


Top Up

Tyre Shine

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Having just bought a new car, Chris clearly discussed the options available and I decided to proceed with the 4 year ceramic coating protection package. The car now looks stunning, better than when it came from the showroom, so I’m thoroughly pleased with the result.

Chris doesn’t leave it there, and provides information and advice on how to maintain the paintwork in tip top condition moving forwards. A very professional service from start to finish, highly recommend.

Paul Archer

Why should you use a Maintenance Wash or Detail?

Ceramic coatings are excellent, hard wearing and provide a durable long lasting shiny finish with no polishing or waxing. However, our cars still pick up dirt and dust either from roads or poor weather.

The process of cleaning this dirt off of your car can (if you use poor technique or products) cause damage to the surface. Ceramic surfaces provide a tough hard wearing, 9H hardness coating to the lacquer on your car but particles of sand and grit if dragged around on the surface of your paintwork are hard enough to scratch that ceramic surface.

If you don’t correctly hand wash your car and use an automated car wash or a drive in hand-wash service, the brushes, sponges and rags used to clean your car could all contain very hard particles which ruin the look of your paintwork. Car washes can cause so much damage to the surface of your paint that corrective polishing can be required to remove all the scratches, swirls and holograms.

Avoid this extra expense and ensure your car has maintenance washes and details


Corrected and Maintained

Damage from poor washing technique

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