What is included in our detailing packages?

Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. These include meticulous step by step processes to restore your vehicles beauty and protect your investment.

We offer a variety of different detailing packages so that you can find the one that is perfect for you and your vehicle. Every vehicle gets the same attention to detail and care but each package uses products which give different levels of finish and durability.

Rest assured, from our entry level Protection Detail using the finest Carnauba Wax up to our Ultimate Detail with Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film. Your car will look oustanding.

4x4 vehicle covered in white foam prior to washing.

Pre-Wash & Snow Foam

Full safe wash including citrus pre-wash, snow foam, ph neutral shampoo and non-acidic wheel cleaner.

3 Stage Decontamination

3 stage chemical decontamination process including fallout removers, tar removal and clay bar.

red car being polished with mechanical polisher

Paint Enhancement

Paint enhancement to remove light defects and restore gloss and clarity, prior to application of ceramic coating.

silver metal container of 'can coat pro' sitting on shiny black car panel.

Paint Protection

Application of 1, 3 or 5 year Ceramic Coating to paintwork delivering extreme chemical resistance, outstanding durability, hydrophobicity and self cleaning.

Concours quality detailing to suit your car and budget

Packages to suit every budget. Every one guaranteed to make your car turn heads, protect your paintwork and make it easier to clean.

Get a quote or make a booking for your car to be detailed.

I will call you back shortly to discuss the solution that will get the best results for your car.

Chris has worked on 2 of my cars now and the results on both haver been awesome. Last week I had my 20 year old Impreza WRX machine polished and ceramic coated, it looks brand new again. No more holograms and swirls when the sun comes out, just stunning deep blue paintwork.

Highly recommend Chris, he’s an absolute master at his trade and I’ve had many, many compliments on the car since.

Dean Ainsworth

Why is Detailing Necessary?

One of the most important aspects of car detailing is the need for protection against the elements. Your paintwork can become heavily contaminated and even oxidise over time. This can be prevented by applying a ceramic coating.

So whether you’ve just purchased a previously owned vehicle, getting ready to sell your vehicle or simply want to have your vehicle looking great again by restoring its original beauty, professional detailing can take your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary!

Paint Correction

Side panel BEFORE

Side panel AFTER

Headlight & Tail Light Correction

scratched red tail light before correction.

Tail Light BEFORE

red tail light after correctly. All scratches removed.

Tail Light AFTER

Engine Bay & Wheel Dressing

Dressed engine bay RS Mountune MRX.

Engine Bay Dressed

Tyre & Alloy Dressed

Let’s talk about how to make your car shine again.

I will call you back shortly to discuss the solution that will get the best results for your car.

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